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How can you mediate when our neighbors won't even speak to us?

If things were simple you wouldn’t be in my office.  By the time someone brings their issue to mediation there is usually years of frustration on both sides.  Bringing everyone together to enable them to share their concerns and thoughts often is very helpful, but not always possible.  There are times when the mediation needs to be conducted in a caucus type style.  Instead of meeting together in the same room I will meet with each party separately either in different offices, or in their separate homes.  As I said, every situation is different and I will tailor your mediation process to your needs.

Why doesn't my city offer mediation or facilitation services?

Sometimes the city is not aware of the number of the residents wanting this service.  City governments want to support their residents, but funding can be an issue.  Rancho Palos Verdes found that providing mediation is an economical way of the city supporting their residents view concerns; while not increasing or using valuable staff time.  In short, it is more economical for the city to contract with me to deal with the view issues than it is to dedicate staff time, and city government time to decide the outcome.

"Having Coleen is vital.  What is expended on her is really minor in what the city will be saved in the long run".                                                   

                                                                                    Malibu Resident

It is so emotional, wouldn't it be easier to let the City make the decision?

I guess I would then have to ask; who knows what is best for you; you or the City government?  In mediation you have full control of the process and have the opportunity to come up with a resolution that will work uniquely for your situation.  

Why are you so successful?

My ability to approach each case with an open mind.  I listen intently to what is, and what is not being said to uncover any possible common ground, or room for compromise.  I have specialized in neighbor-to-neighbor issues since 2004, and in that time I have gained valuable experience.  I have also been on your side of the table as a participant in a view restoration case.  So I know first hand what it is like.  I know mediation works; it keeps an issue between neighbors where it belongs, between neighbors. 

The knowledge I have gained over the years as a mediator enables me to understand the neighbor to neighbor dynamics and issues clearly.  As an arbitrator, this experience and expertise enables me to make fair and equitable decisions.