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A Full Service Alternative Conflict Resolution Provider

Ms. Berg uses a facilitative approach in mediation, specifically structuring a process to assist parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.  She asks probing questions, validates and clarifies parties' points of view; searches for interests underneath the positions taken by parties' and assists the parties in finding and analyzing options for resolution. She takes charge of the process, while the parties remain in charge of the outcome.

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes California has awarded Ms. Berg their exclusive contract to provide this progressive City mediation services for all their neighbor-to-neighbor issues.  Since 2004, Ms. Berg has mediated more than 100 cases with view-related issues.  These successfully resolved cases involved between 2 to as many as 32 different properties.

In addition to her work with Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Ms. Berg also provides mediation for the City of Rolling Hills, The City of Beverly Hills, The City of Laguna Beach CA and provided the City of Malibu, CA, with facilitative services.  She successfully facilitated a city counsel appointed task force in addressing their view impairment concerns.  During that time she used her skills, knowledge and background to guide this 13 person task force in producing a document for the City of Malibu that addressed in detail view restoration issues in their city.

Her style is unique.  She is relaxed, yet professional and her goal is to help neighbors, neighborhoods, and the City government to resolve view-related issues through mediation, facilitation and arbitration.  She strives to ensure that each party benefits in some way by the outcomes of her services.  This is her benchmark of success.

       "As an attorney, naturally I had a number of questions and concerns about Ms. Berg's role as the City's mediator in the view matter thrust upon my client. To my pleasant surprise, I found her to be a skilled negotiator with obvious respect for all of the parties and issues.  Her clarity on those issues, and her ability to engage and keep engaged neighbors who were adverse to each other is a credit to her tenacity to keep reaching for a settlement."                                                                                               - Los Angeles Attorney and Counselor at Law.