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What is Mediation?

Mediation provides an alternative method of resolving problems without letting an outside party/process make the decision for you.  Through the mediation process participants decide the outcome of a dispute and determine the terms of an agreement.  The mediator does not make the decision, but helps to guide them in reaching a solution that is right for them.  It is also an opportunity for the participants to discuss their issues openly with the reassurance that their communication will remain private and within their control.  Since the participants involved in the dispute play active roles in resolving the issue, they usually are comfortable and supportive of the solution. 


Benefits of Mediation:

More and more consumers are realizing the benefits of mediation.  Mediation saves  time, money and aggravation.  It gives participants control over the outcome and lets them decide what is best for them.

       Confidentiality- Who wants their dirty laundry out there for everyone to see?  Mediation proceedings are completely confidential.  Unlike the court or government, details of a mediation will never be made available to the public.

       Amicable- Mediation is a fair and impartial process.  The goal of mediation is not to defeat the other party, but to find a solution that works for everyone.  By choosing mediation participants are choosing to address the problem in a healthy and mature way that opens up the lines of communication for the present and future.

  "Coleen has done a phenomenal job of navigating an extremely contentious issue".

                                 Barry Tyerman, Malibu Resident and Task Force Member